Who We Are


ARCS® Foundation Colorado Chapter received its charter in 1976 based on the commitment to education in the sciences.  Our donors and receipeint schools are located througout our beautiful state in the cities of Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins, Golden, Aurora and Colorado Springs. Over the years ARCS Foundation Colorado Chapter members have developed strong working relationships with our recipient schools and our donors. Our members provide more than 60% of all awards given, followed by corporations, foundations and individual donors. The majority of our scholarships are given in full by single donors who are provided opportunities to interact with the scholars they are sponsoring.
Because Colorado is ranked third in U. S. space related jobs, the aerospace industry is working to insure that there will be a highly educated workforce available for the future. By providing awards to students planning careers in this industry and related research, ARCS Foundation contributes to realizing that goal.  We believe that our support of these scholars who will become America’s future scientific leaders is even more critical today than it was when ARCS Foundation was launched in 1958.
Field trips and seminars are important elements of chapter activities and offer exceptional educational experiences for our members.  Topics range from art to science with behind-the-scenes curator tours to leading-edge stem cell and cancer research presentations.
“The dedication of the ARCS Foundation in funding the research of aspiring scientists is among the most important ways we can spend our money.  We must make science and engineering  attractive career goals for our youth, and I believe ARCS Foundation is a catalyst for these goals.  I look forward to being a part of ARCS Foundation in the future as a mentor.”
Colby Stoddard Ph.D., ARCS Foundation Colorado Chapter Scholar   2007 – 2009
Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Harvard University.