History of the Colorado Chapter

ARCS® Foundation Colorado Chapter received its charter in 1976 based on the commitment to education in the sciences. Since our founding, the Colorado Chapter has given over $5 million in scholar awards to 1,102 outstanding science, engineering, and medical students at three recipient universities:  
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Colorado State University

and 4 campuses of the University of Colorado:  

  • Boulder
  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Anschutz Medical Campus 

This year we will award $299,000 to 46 exceptional scholars.

Over the years ARCS Foundation Colorado Chapter members have developed strong working relationships with our recipient schools. Each year one of these schools hosts the ARCS Scholar Achievement Luncheon on its campus.
Interaction with ARCS Scholars and our university communities creates enthusiasm, engages our members, and solidifies support for the ARCS Foundation mission. The wives of the chancellors and presidents of our recipient schools are active members. Field trips and seminars are important elements of chapter activities and offer exceptional educational experiences for our members.  Topics range from art to science with behind-the-scenes curator tours to leading-edge stem cell and cancer research presentations.
Each year our chapter honors an outstanding member of our business or academic community who has contributed to the sciences.  Past honorees include heads of major corporations and Nobel Prize winners.  Our universities donate tours and lectures with outstanding faculty for our annual ARCS Colorado Gala auction that offer an insider view to venues not easily accessible to the public. 
We have excellent relationships with our donors.  Our members provide more than 60% of all awards given, followed by corporations, foundations and individual donors. The majority of our scholarships are fully funded by single donors who have opportunities to interact with the scholars they are sponsoring.