ARCS Light Award Winners

The ARCS Light Award is a distinctive honor awarded to a member who has given the highest quality of long-term service to ARCS Foundation. One ARCS Light may be chosen by her Chapter each year, though there is no requirement that the award be given every year.

The ARCS Light is honored at the Chapter’s annual meeting and at the ARCS Foundation National Annual Meeting.

A candidate for the ARCS Light Award must have been an active member for at least three years, have served on a variety of committees as well as on the Chapter Board, have given continuous service that has had a positive impact on the ARCS Foundation, have demonstrated a willingness to serve, have respect for ARCS Foundation leadership and membership, and be an exemplary representative of ARCS Foundation to her fellow members and to the community.


Colorado Chapter ARCS Light 2014-2015
Nancy Hoffmaster

Nancy joined the Colorado Chapter at the first meeting she attended in 2010 because of the gracious women dedicated to science who were present. Nancy’s background is not in the sciences, but it is her belief that it is important for people without a career in science to be objective, enthusiastic advocates for it.  ARCS is a perfect way to do this.
Nancy is most comfortable with behind-the-scenes tasks, but she has lent a hand with the ARCS fundraising Galas and silent auctions, the 2012 Scholarship luncheon, and the 2012 National Annual Meeting in Denver.  She has coordinated the printing, address lists, and mailing of our invitations, and she updates our annual roster booklets.  We can always count on Nancy’s meticulous eye for detail!
A graduate of the University of Illinois in elementary education, Nancy used her interest in education to volunteer in Colorado’s largest school district. She created and ran summer enrichment programs for ten years with more than 20 courses and 200 students.  Observing the hardships many children endure, in 1996 she created an all-volunteer program that fully clothes more than 1,000 needy students each year.  Currently, she coordinates volunteers at her church for a national program for homeless families.  Nancy has received awards for her volunteer work from the Jefferson County School District, the Volunteer Connection, and the Aurora Mental Health Center where she served as Board Treasurer.
Nancy is the proud mother of three sons and delights in their beautiful families.  She has been happily married to Bob Hoffmaster for 23 years. 

Colorado Chapter ARCS Light 2013-2014
Shirleen Tucker


An active participant in ARCS since joining the Colorado Chapter in 2007, Shirleen served three years a Colorado Chapter president.  During her term as president membership increased, and the number of scholars served and recipient universities grew.  She currently is chapter treasurer and VP of Finance.

Following a positive intoduction to the ARCS National Board, she became Director of Long Range Planning.  She strongly believes that ARCS support of America's future scientific leaders is even more critical today than it was when ARCS Foundation began in 1958.

An MBA graduate of the University of Utah, Shirleen's experience includes 12 years as an elected representative in the Colorado House of Representative.  As a state legilator she was recognized for her inclusive leadership style and ability to "reach across the aisle" to build coalitions and address complex issues.

Shirleen and her husband Scott have been married 48 years and have two adult children and three talented grandchildren (Shirleen hopes they might become ARCS scholars someday).


Past ARCS LIght Award Winners

Elissa Teel-Duggan 2012-2013
Sherri Weinstein 2011-2012