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Welcome New ARCS Members Nancy Kellogg and Carrie McCrudden

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2020

As a third generation Colorado native who grew up on a ranch in Northwest Colorado, Nancy Kellogg is a passionate advocate on Colorado environmental and educational issues. Nancy was a science and environmental educator for over 45 years and earned her PhD in science education from the University of Colorado. She has an MS degree in embryology/reproductive physiology from Purdue University and a BA in Zoology and Biology with Education from the University of Colorado. Her work included teaching high school biology, working as a science coordinator, conducting professional development for teachers, consulting with school districts, and working on NSF and Department of Education grants. She was an Assistant Professor on the women’s medical faculty at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Currently Nancy is the Awards Chair for the National Science Education Leadership Association and a former president of the organization. She is actively engaged with the Colorado Science Education Network as one of the founders and serves on the Steering Committee. In April 2019 she received the Distinguished Service to Science Education Award from the National Science Teachers Association. Her interests include travel, hiking, book club, and growing orchids. Nancy Kellogg lives in Boulder, Colorado. She is married to Karl, a retired USGS geologist, and they have two adult offspring, Kristoffer and Leah.
Carrie McCrudden was introduced to ARCS several years ago by long time ARCS enthusiast, Edgar Johansson. After attending several scholar luncheons and other ARCS events she decided “the time was right” to join. Dr. Carrie has worked in the therapy field since 1994, becoming a Licensed Psychologist in 2003.  She has a broad background, including 12 years in community mental health, volunteering as the legislative chair for the Colorado Psychological Association, serving as adjunct faculty at the University of Northern Colorado and owning a private practice for the past 18 years.

Dr. Carrie has long been a business minded psychologist, including a year-long training in business management after she started her private practice. She serves as a specialized business coach to therapists in private practice through the nationwide organization, Uncommon Practices, and is a proud member of the 3 to 5 club.

Dr. Carrie splits her time between a private therapy practice specializing in treating anxiety and trauma and consulting for businesses. Her approach emphasizes the belief that the person/organization is not the problem, the problem is the problem. This helps clients identify their challenges as workable issues. Gaining new insight, learning tools and techniques for creating lasting changes and shifting from a problem focus to a solution focus is central to her approach.

Nancy Kellogg and Carrie McCrudden