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Scholar Spotlight: Brittany Carr

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2020

Brittany Carr is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University.

Ms. Carr is the president of her local Association for Women in Mathematics chapter, volunteers with mathematics outreach, and is the captain of an inner tube water polo team. She graduated with her Masters in Mathematics from CSU in August 2019, and her Master’s thesis applied Radon’s theorem to say something about possible configurations of support vectors of support vector machines. During the summer of 2019, Ms. Carr worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center and used a mathematical tool called a sheaf to study ionospheric models using amateur radio data. She currently works with her advisor Dr. Henry Adams on a variety of projects in pure and applied topology. One project focuses on rulatopes and their unfoldings. An example of a rulatope would be a cylinder, a three-dimensional object that one can unfold by making strategic cuts and lay flat. Another project looks at capturing topological data, like holes and voids, and using it to provide information for image reconstruction. 

Brittany Carr