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President's Message - Fall 2023

Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023

I tend to forget what a busy time fall is for ARCS Colorado (that may be a good thing!).  We’ve held all six meet and greet sessions, and we again have amazing scholars. Not only do those young scientists remind me that all of the work is worthwhile, they bring hope for the future at a time when there is much that feels hopeless.  We are providing 53 scholar awards of $7500 each this year. Your dedication to ARCS makes all of this possible, and we thank you!

We are now looking forward to the Scholar Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday November 7.  This year’s event will be held at Colorado State University’s Lory student center.  We are delighted to announce that this year’s honoree is Dr. Temple Grandin, distinguished professor of Animal Science at CSU.  Those folks with biology and medical backgrounds know well who Dr. Grandin is; the engineers may not.  She was diagnosed with autism at a time when the common practice was institutionalization.  Thanks to her mother, she was not banished, and in fact was encouraged to make the most of her abilities and her differences.  She went on to earn three degrees and has long been a researcher and advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum.  Her love of animals, especially cattle, enabled her to observe and understand animal behavior, and to design world class systems for handling beef cattle.  These systems are humane for the animals and much safer for their handlers.  I’d encourage you to look for her Ted talks, as well as the movie about her life.

In addition to coordinating events and meet and greets, we’ve been busy with several other initiatives.  We have set up a PayPal account (many, many thanks to Rachelle Pulver, Amy Tucker, and Sue Zoby!).  We can now accept credit card payments, and we even have a QR code to facilitate them.  We have also determined that electronic invitations are preferred by many people.  Some of you will receive both a mailed invitation and an “e-vite” you may respond to the one that’s most convenient.  We look forward to your feedback.

The next big event will be the gala, which was originally scheduled for April 26.  When I learned that Dr. Grandin would not be able to attend on that evening, I suggested that she could be next year’s honoree.  She said she really wanted to come to the scholar luncheon this year, so we did some rearranging.  The gala has been moved to Thursday evening, May 2, 2024 when Dr. Grandin can attend.
Mark your calendars!

I continue to be honored to work with the amazing board members and other individuals who are the heart of ARCS Colorado.  It truly takes a village, and this one is amazing!

Susan Howard