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Posted on Monday, September 2, 2019

New Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science

Don Rabern, an accomplished research engineer with more than a decade of academic leadership experience is the new dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. “I am very excited to  join the College of Engineering and Applied Science team,” Rabern said. “The college has a great reputation and has worked with local industry to create collaborative opportunities. The quality of the faculty, staff, and students along with a balance of undergraduate and graduate programs are great assets for UCCS and  the  region.”  Rabern has previously served as a professor, researcher, chair and/or dean with the University of New Mexico Los Alamos, Montana State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in AZ and Fort Lewis College in Durango.

NSF Grant Awarded to Qing Yi in the Computer Science Department

Qing Yi, an associate professor of computer science, will continue her work to optimize  computer  software  productivity  and  performance  with a nearly half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. The NSF awarded $499,510 to Yi for her project “SHF: Small: Whole-application coordinated parallelization through the optimization of abstraction hierarchies.” Yi said, “The work  aims  to make computer software, which can include millions of lines of code       in thousands of different files and directories, better organized, more easily understood and  run  faster…The  end  result  would  be  fewer  bugs in software that  runs faster,  so fewer incidents of  malfunctioning  or unresponsive electronics for the general public.”

New Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Security

UCCS now offers a Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Security, which will provide students with both the technical and business backgrounds to work on innovative security and computer-security- related projects. Students will have numerous research opportunities that give them the chance to take what they know and use it on real jobs and internships.

Cybersecurity work continues

The National Cybersecurity Center opened in Colorado Springs in early 2018, and UCCS is receiving $1.8M/year over 3 years for cybersecurity programs. They will conduct workforce development and research and development to support and enhance cybersecurity  for the state and nation, and 15% of each annual distribution is to be awarded as scholarships.

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