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New Member Spotlight: Tiffany Talley

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2022

Tiffany Talley is the Director of Operations for Blue Sky Neurology, a division of CarePoint Healthcare, but a lover of science in all its forms.  Tiffany is a Colorado native and grew up in and around the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (called the Denver Museum of Natural History at that point) as well as the great outdoors of our amazing state. She went on to major in Biology at Williams College then got a master's degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Texas A&M University, working in the department of Marine Biology, with theses on conservation genetics at both institutions. 

After realizing that conservation genetics labs are not quite like Starbucks and on every corner, Tiffany made the switch over to healthcare and clinical research.  She spent over 8 years with Radiology Imaging Associates and just moved over to CarePoint to focus on the growth and operations of inpatient services for Blue Sky Neurology.

As a recipient of scholarships for scientific research in graduate school, Tiffany fully understands and appreciates the importance of groups like ARCS and is ecstatic to be a member and help give back to our future scientific leaders!

Outside of work, Tiffany is busy keeping up with her two teenage children and fortunate to live near family including other ARCS members Sonnie Talley and Emily Shupe Talley!  She enjoys almost anything outside across all seasons, a stereotypical "Coloradoan".

Tiffany Talley