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CU Denver College of Engineering Is In The Loop

Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016








A crew of CU Denver engineering students is among 30 teams from the U.S., Canada, and Europe whose designs for a high-speed transport system won them an opportunity to build and test their vehicle.  The competition, which started with over 1,300 applicants, was inspired by entrepreneur Elon Musk’s vision, which he calls a Hyperloop, of aluminum capsules traveling through low-pressure tubes at more than 750 miles per hour.  CU Denver’s 12-member Team HyperLynx, one of only 130 of the original applicants selected to submit its design, is now hard at work constructing its prototype vehicle and preparing for the performance competition in California in June.

Aptly called Team Hyperlinx, the group is made up of mechanical engineering seniors Connor Catteral, Ben Cooper, Nicole Garcia, George Kemp, Chandler Lacy, John Spinelli, Mark Urban and Susan Waruinge.  For more information, visit: